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Level 1 Reffing Clinic

May 31, 2012


As a ref, I can honestly tell you all that one of my least favorite things is to ref my own club. If I am too lenient the other teams  get on me as “the home club ref”, and if I am too harsh, it’s not fair for the home club. Teams deserve a neutral and impartial ref, so that on-field play, not club politics, determines the final score.

There will be a bilingual level 1 reffing clinic given in the month of June, tentatively schedule for June 17th. If you are no longer a regular player and are looking for ways to stay involved with rugby, reffing is a great way to both participate and give back to the community. Pay for games is decent and gas/travel is reimbursed.

There are 18-20 full-time refs in the province of Quebec, and on any given Saturday, there could be upward of 30 games (when you factor in Men’s, Women’s and Junior events). This means that many games will be designated “club ref” games. Even one additional, full-time, ref in the system makes a huge difference… making every Saturday better for two clubs who would otherwise have to provide their own officials.

If you are interested in picking up a whistle and helping out your community, contact Clive Gibson ( and sign up.

Quebec rugby as a whole thanks you.

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