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Week 7 – Away – RCM

July 20, 2012

Rugby Club de Montreal LogoAfter winning their second 7’s tournament of the 2012 season, the Wanderers have been focusing on finishing their season on the top of the table. This quest continues this Saturday against RCM.

RCM has (finally) abandoned the dangerous Laurier Park grounds, moving the matchs to the NDG home of the Montreal Exiles (directions). Please note that there are 2 maps on page… we’ll be at the game field behind Ecole Saint-Luc, just north of Fielding  between West Hill and Kensington.

Second XV players and subs are to meet at the field for 12:00 to get warmed up. First XV players are to arrive a little before 1:30, to cheer on the Second XV before getting ready themselves.

The Prems put up quite a convincing win on RCM the first game of the season, but RCM has been steadily improving as the season progresses and secured their first win last week against a strong Ottawa side. The Seconds lost a nail-biter 7-5 and are looking for a much more positive result on Saturday.

Rosters for the First and Second XVs are posted below:

If anyone is unavailable and on the list get in contact with Sommer or Anger.

Position First XV Second XV
1 – Prop Crago the Barbarian The World’s Nicest Human
2 – Hooker Chaps the Rat Le Guerier Ultime   (Bi)
3 – Prop Johnny Walker “Bad Santa” Statham
4 – Lock Mr. Conductor (look it up)
5 – Lock Blake Cedric the Entertainer
6 – Flanker The Criminal Element (Kaneb) Rob Anger
7 – Flanker Teddy Zoolander DiPo
8 – Eight Man Toni Peterborough Peaches
9 – Scrum Half Josh (Thing #1) Mr Chow
10 – Fly Half #PooHands Pais
11 – Wing Fred Innocent
12 – Inside Center Quentin Nic
13 – Outside Center Barry Pepsi Max
14 – Wing Caleb (Xray) Rick Won
15 – Fullback The World’s Whitest Italian Pam
16 Sommer Baby Beaver
17 Panos Alain
18 Trevor Rohan
19 Rob Anger Frenchie
20 Welshie Big Chris
21 Steve O’Neil Brockwell
22 The World’s Nicest Human Christian
23 Elder Beaver
24 Chamu?
25 Mukiza?
26  Rabbi?
27 Seb?

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