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Awards Dinner

January 16, 2013

Every January, Wanderers old and new gather together in common purpose: To alienate restaurant owners and celebrate the past season. That’s right… its time for the Annual Awards Dinner, our first event of the new year.

There is much to celebrate from 2012; Sevens victories, securing promotion to the FRQ Super League and winning the A-Division Cup. There are also several events which certain individuals would like to forget, but have no fear; we’ll most likely have photos or videos to help everyone else remember!

Ye Olde Orchard has been a fantastic host the past several years, but due to the Habs kicking off their lockout-shortened season on Saturday night, we’ve had to seek alternate arrangements. Therefore, please see below for this year’s venue and details about the event:

Date: Saturday, January 19th, 2013
 La Tratoria
Address: 1551 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest
Google Maps:

Time: 7:00pm (actual time, not Wanderers time)

Dinner will cost $35 in CASH (no cards), and must be paid upon arrival (not after the meal) This includes taxes and tip, and a choice of 4 meal options. There is a gas station with a cash machine across the street, in case you forget to arrive with money.

La Tratoria is a BYOB, and all beer, wine or liquor must arrive in a bag.

Meal options include:

  1. Rigatoni Bolognese
  2. Sole Filet Meuniere style with fresh vegetables & potatoes
  3. Veal Milanaise
  4. 12oz rib steak.

As is tradition, player prospects (new recruits) will have the drinks provided for them.

The venue and meal options look great, and the restaurant will have us in a room with a TV, so we’ll be watching the Habs and the Leafs while we eat. Dex and Choi will be planning some after-dinner debauchery too,  in case dinner and drinks aren’t enough fun for you. It should be a great night… we hope to see everyone out.

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