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The Wanderers were featured on “The Sport of Rugby” series on, with the following filmed at our practices and game vs. Quebec City during the Summer 2011 season.

The Sport of Rugby: Overview and Tips

The Sport of Rugby: Rules


Rugby Rules ” The Maul”

Rugby Rules ” The Ruck”

Rugby Rules  ” The Scrum”


Tackling with Lewis moody

tackling with Guscott and Moore

Tackling  area with Guscott and Moore



Catching with Lewsey

Rugby Union: Guide To Offside (Sports & Outdoors: Rugby)

Here is a little reading on the basic rules of rugby tons of great information on his site:

The basics

A classic rugby league video always fun to watch!

State of Origin

Little sevens because you let a back take care of the website

Honk Kong 7’s Aus. Vs Sri lanka Part 1 / Part 2

USA Sevens

See what happens when a fan attacks the ref.  I just love this video!

Fan attacks Ref.

Why it sucks to be a Ref.

Six nations 2008 Highlights

Barbarians Vs England (

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