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2012 – Registration Information

In order to field a team, the FRQ requires that 20 players be registered by April 20th, 2012. As the Wanderers will be fielding two teams, that magic registration number becomes 40 members. Therefore, it is vitally important that we get as many people as possible registered, prior to April 20th.

Here is what you will need to play Wanderers rugby this season:

  1. Complete and hand in your registration form
  2. Pay your Dues
  3. New Wanderers – A passport-style photo of your face for cards. Old Wanderers, we have your cards from last year.

1. Registration Form

You will need to complete the 2012 FRQ/Rugby Canada registration form to play for the Wanderers this year. Though we will have copies of the form at every practice, we recommend downloading the form below, entering the information and then printing it out. Don’t forget to date and sign the paper once you print it out (bottom right-hand corner).

2012 Registration form

Please note that, for 2012, we will also require your Medicare (or health insurance) number. There is no designated space for this on the form, so please write in your Medicare card number at the end of the “first name” line, where there should be plenty of extra space.

2. Dues

Dues for 2012 are as follows:

  • $325 for players OVER 21 (22 years and up)
  • $240 for players 21 and under (18-21)

We understand that paying these amounts in full may be difficult for some, so we are allowing players to pay their dues in two installments:

Over 21 21 and under
Before April 20th $175 $175
July 1st, 2012 $150 $65

It costs the club $175 to register a player with the FRQ, so the $175 payable before April 9th is essential. Please help out the club by paying your dues on time.

Please make your cheques out to “Montreal Wanderers RFC”

The club has ordered custom socks for this year, which will be required game-day attire. As a bonus for people who pay their dues in full by April 20th, you will receive your game socks for free. If you choose to pay in installments, you will have to pay for the Wanderers game socks.

3. Photo

The FRQ issues ID cards for EVERYONE, and therefore we need to collect photos from new players. These photos should be passport-style, showing your face from the front. These will be used to identify you as a player to referees and match officials… and if you cannot be recognized, you may not be allowed to play. So please, don’t have your hair covering your face, be wearing sunglasses, or anything else than would make “you” not look like you.

Please email Bi your photo (.jpg format) directly, using the following file format:

Send photos to Bi at the following email address:

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