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Rugby Laws (IRB)

Rugby is a simple game; pass backwards, run forwards, and hit the person with the ball. It is the laws of the game that stop rugby from degenerating into an 80-minute brawl, and it is the laws that tend to complicate things.

The IRB (International Rugby Board) maintains a very comprehensive website, which includes a complete section on Laws & Regulations. Beyond the law book, the IRB uses multiple video exerpts to highlight proper technique or rule-breaking (such as off-side at the ruck).

Provided here are links to specific sections of the IRB website, and direct-download links for PDF versions of both the complete law book and individual laws.

2011 Rules-English 2011 Règlements-Francais
IRB Laws 2011 – English Les Règles du Jeu 2011 – Francais

Clicking a link in the table below will take you to the IRB website, where video clips help explain certain laws. Just click on the red “camera” logo when present.”

Law 1 – The Ground (playing field) Law 2 – The Ball
Law 3 – Number of Players – The Team Law 4 – Players’ Clothing (and equipment)
Law 5 – Time Law 6 – Match Officials
Law 7 – Mode of Play Law 8 – Advantage
Law 9 – Method of Scoring Law 10 – Foul Play
Law 11 – Offsides/Onside in General Play Law 12 – Knock On or Throw Forward
Law 13 – Kick offs and Restart Kicks Law 14 – Ball on the Ground – No Tackle
Law 15 – Tackle: ball carrier to ground Law 16 – Ruck
Law 17 – Maul Law 18 – Mark
Law 19 – Touch and Lineout Law 20 – Scrum
Law 21 – Penalty and Free Kicks Law 22 – In-Goal
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