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Wanderers 13 – Beaconsfield 11

What a weekend, the rain would just not stop. Drolet deemed the weather playable and so in the midst of a torrential downpour the Wanderers stepped out onto the field to play some rugby.

The Wanderers had the upper hand for the duration of the game even if the score didn’t show it. With the weather a huge factor, it came down to which team could slow it down and focus on ball retention best. Winning our set pieces was a key component to the win, the Wanderers tight five dominated the scrums and even with the rain, our line-outs were effective. The only try came from Steve Chow after a barrage of goal line phases.

A difficult day for the backs, as rain and faux-hawks don’t usually mix. But they persevered and managed to keep the ball within the Beaconsfield half for most of the game. Some nice, shifty runs from Dextras kept them on their heels. Matty B, just keeps bashing it in, I feel sorry for his opposing number who had to tackle him all day.

Although a tough day in the rain and a game where the Wanderers left points unscored, another W on the board never hurts and while there’s always room for improvement, you can’t take away the fact that the Wanderers thus far have a pretty good record.

Tries: Steve Chow
Kicks: Hoots x3 (2 penalties and 1 conversion)
Yellow Cards: Hot-head Ted (although in his defense, I think he was being made an example of by the ref and didn’t justly deserve this particular card)
Man of the Match: Anger, although I don’t know why. Maybe because he blatantly late-hit Scott Gill and got away with it, maybe it was pity because now that he’s horribly disfigured he needs to be cheered up.

Honourable Mentions:

– Barette, Sommer, Caleb, Teddy, our representatives for the Caribou for bolstering our Pack.

– Jon and Stew, you guys are unrelenting.

– Brockwell, for not only playing amazing, but for not pulling anything or getting hurt.

Dishonourable Mentions:

– Steve Chow, great performance on the field as always, but a poor, poor performance after the game when he decided a mouth full of chaw was a good idea and made himself violently ill.


TMR – 28-14 loss

The ever-improving Wanderers II went down in a hard-fought contest against TMR on June 6th.

TMR executed their game plan well, spreading the field and rushing through the gaps when they presented themselves. However, the Wanderers never gave up, unrelentingly assaulting the men in gold whenever the ball was in their hands. Our young backs were more in synch, without sacrificing their raw physical talent.

Two tries were scored, one through a clever break by Jonny Yu that ended in a touchdown for the always buoyant Olivier, and the other a straightforward “Hulk smash”-style try by Lawrence through tight work in the pack. Once the set pieces are straightened out, this team is going to be in great shape to dominate the league as the season progresses.

Good to see:

– Steps forward in every area; no steps back. Fundamentally, this means good things in the future.
– Key back players becoming more vocal and communicative.
– The club’s sideline, complete with fold-out chairs, tents, beers and babies.
– Oh, I almost forgot, we scored while our scrum-half was in the bin!

Man of the match: Gideon Balloch. He controlled the game, led by example and sweetened the tries with his boot.

The scorers:

Tries: O. Alepin, L. Di Pilato.

Con’s: G. Balloch 2.

Card: Jonny Yu, yellow.


RCM – 13-0 win, 20th of June

The Wanderers II squad marked two fantastic milestones, notching their first win and shutout. To sweeten the deal, their victims were none other than the greasiest, most garishly-dressed jackasses in the league: RCM.

The club welcomed Phil Casarotto and Alex Molson back to the fold, and their impact was felt right away. Philly brought experience, power and a voice to the pack, while the speediest investment banker/Habs owner dazzled all with his trademark runs.

Tristan also made his presence known, electing this time not to turn and run, but rather smack-talk an RCM prop. Excerpt from the conversation:
Fatty: “Ai! Check-toi mon homme!”
Tristan: “You’re too fat. Stop flopping on the ball, that’s what happens.”
F: “T’es mieux d’arrêter de faire ça! Check-toi!”
T: “If I can’t move you, ‘cause you’re fat, then you’ll get the boots. Stay off the f***ing ball next time.”
F: “Check-toi!”

In the previous game, set pieces were a weakness, but sky kings Owen, Marty and Rankin controlled the line-outs, while our scrums allowed us to push RCM all over Laurier Park.

We now face a long layoff, then a tough match against Beaconsfield.

Good to see:
– RCM are still dicks. That’s somehow reassuring.
– The Seconds remain a great blend of youth and experience, and now it’s paying off dividends.
– We managed to play those Christmas colour-wearing douchebags and incur no cards.

Man of the match: Alex Molson, for scoring, nearly scoring umpteen more times and reminding us on numerous occasions that he also plays defence very well.

The scorers:

Tries: A. Molson, C. Owen.

Pen: G. Balloch.

Cards: none.

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  1. Chris Pam permalink
    June 3, 2009 7:13 pm

    Nice to see the traditional write-ups continuing! I like the format of the 2nd’s write-up, with game stats (tries, penalties and cards) at the end.

  2. Blair permalink
    June 4, 2009 4:43 am

    Way to go, guys! I look forward to seeing more write-ups like this one. And yes – the photos are superb.

  3. Nick Hall permalink
    June 4, 2009 12:16 pm

    I like this. BLAH BLAH

  4. August 3, 2009 5:18 pm



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