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Wanderers Teamwear

The Montreal Wanderers have partnered with Griffintown to provide high quality teamwear at a very affordable price.

Download the order form in EXCEL and fill it out (prices will auto-calculate), and bring it to practice with your payment. If you don’t have excel, you can get a PDF version of the order form, but please print clearly and double-check your math. Payment details are on the order form.

  • All prices include taxes, delivery, etc. If it says $40, then you pay $40
  • Delivery time is 8-weeks, as items are being made in China
  • We would like to get an order in before June 15th for delivery in the middle of August, so please get your orders in ASAP.
  • Old Boys and non-active players, contact Chris Pam to get your order in.

Wanderers T-Shirt Warm-up T-shirt
When practice is done and we’re all standing on the goaline, don’t you wish you had a nice, lightweight, quick-drying and moisture-wicking garment to run your 200’s in? Sure you do! Now pay up, cheapskate!

Price: $ 34

Wanderers Practice Jersey Practice Jersey
Game-weight practice jersey with stitching in all the right places to survive heavy contact training sessions. Light and breathable, keeps you cool during the hot summer months.Low risk of nipple chaffing.
$ 45

Wanderers Polo Polo
Arrive at the game in style wearing the Wanderers polo. Also good for golf, work-attire, and trying to pick up at Rouge and Tokyo.May be mandatory for Prems: check with Beemer.

Price: $ 40

Wanderers Hoodie Hoodie
Just for Dex, we decided to design a hoodie… but the rest of you can buy them too. These are a traditional hoodie… drawstring neck (no zip), and fits well under the Tracksuit Jacket for those chilly fall days.Possible side-effects include excessive paleness.We are looking at getting the “single seam” in the hood this year instead of the double seam that we ordered in 2011… so Dex can stop complaining that he looks like Hello Kitty.

Price: $ 51

Wanderers Tracksuit - Jacket Tracksuit – Jacket
Water resistant and durable, you’ve probably seen members of the 2010 Concordia Stingers walking around in the same model (comes with a hood in the collar).Ours is prettier and guaranteed to contain 86% less Clive per unit.

Price: $ 56

Wanderers Tracksuit - Pants Tracksuit – Pants
The pants that go with the jacket, also the same model as the 2010 Concordia Stinger’s kit.Strangely, these contain 12% more Clive…. and we’re not quite sure why. Don’t worry, we’re pretty sure its not contagious.

Price: $ 51

Wanderers Socks Socks
If you paid your dues in full and up front, and don’t already have a pair, you will be given a pair of socks for free.Socks are MANDATORY for game-day, so if you didn’t pay in full up front, socks will cost you $12.

Price: $ 12

Wanderers Shorts Shorts
If you’re new to the club this year, your shorts are included in your dues. If you’re a returning player, you should still have your shorts from last year.We’ll have a few extras, so you can pay cash to replace ripped, lost or soiled (you know who you are) shorts.

Price: $ 35

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